On 10th March 2017, the team of ESN Trnava took part at the InfoDay of our partner university- University of Ss Cyril and Methodius in Trnava. We met many young people, whom we talked about the Erasmus+ programme and Erasmus Student Network itself. Now we hope to meet them all in the next academic year!

If you are still considering to be a part of the ESN team, do not hesitate. You can still fill up the form in the section -> Become a Buddy!

First question you ask yourself is ‘Why should I be a buddy? It’s voluntary and time consumpting activity! ‘. Sure, that’s partialy correct but there are numerous advantages offered for you. So keep up reading and you’ll find out that being a buddy and an ESNer is amazing.



Our first entry is from the series of tips and tricks of former Erasmus Students for our new Erasmus Students. We hope you'll enjoy reading as much as we do and find it helpful :) Now all we can as is, enjoy reading of Tips and tricks by Tom from Latvia! :)