Toms from Latvia

  • ​Beer bottles can be returned in shops and you get decent money back for them. I learnt this way too late.
  • Drink beer. Its cheaper than anything in Slovakia
  • Kofola is the NEW CocaCola
  • Brinzovye halushki* is now you favorite food. (*note: "bryndzové halušky" is the correct form)
  • In Trnava find pizza Stangler*. Great with beer as snack. (*note: "pizza štangle")
  • Slivovica is fu fu fu. Borovicka is good.
  • Tatra tea is not meant for afternoon tea drinking party.
  • In Trnava you have only 6 bars/clubs as options to go to. Live with that.
  • Go to mountains to hike as often as possible.
  • Yes - part of the school is in children-garden
  • Local girls are nice :D
  • Yes you can get the "Green dragon" in one of the bars if you know what I mean.
  • TESCO works all night long!!!!!!! (*note: we're sorry Tom and everyone else, but it's not true, anymore :( )
  • Don't annoy the gypsies.
  • Latvians are awesome. Dont argue about that. We proved it. 

And remember...

Once you go ERAMSUS, you stay ERASMUS for the rest of your life.

This exclusive list was made by: /AMAZING Mr.Tom/