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Dominika Majtaniková



my name is Dominika, I´m 24 years old and I´m student of Teaching of English Language & Literature at Trnava University. Currently I´m in a last year of my studies. Previously at Bachelor studies, I was at Žilina University and I studied Teaching of English Language and Literature & Music Art. As an ESN Trnava Member & Buddy I became in September, 2017. I started  as a Buddy, and also as a person who helps with events and stuff around, organize some trips etc. I really love to work with people, especially youngs & children, they mean ´The Whole World´ to me. I´m also starting to have very good friends all over the world and I like it very much.

ESN gives me many opportunities to get in touch with different cultures and people from all over the world, but what´s the most important to me is that I can practise and improve my English every day. When I´m with Erasmus students, they make me feel like I´m on Erasmus too, like on the same board with them and I just enjoy & love it.   





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Klára Marettová

I’m a student of Teaching of Mathematics and English language and literature at the University of Trnava. Two years ago, I’ve experienced my Erasmus+ traineeship in Prague which was the best practice experience for me so far. I joined ESN Trnava in 2016 helping with some events for Erasmus students during the semester. Right now I’m trying to fulfil all duties of a buddy alongside of effort to use my skills to help my section improve mainly by getting new members for our section. So if you’re interested in joining ESN Trnava or you have any questions about it, just ask me ;)