these people are too old to be active members, but still young to retire...

Section Alumni Wiki

Natália Šípošová

My ESN career started back then in 2012, when I became a buddy just the very first day of my university life. Since then I have been a part of ESN Trnava for 5 years and do not regret a single day. It has been my lifetime experience and I am really thankful to be able to work with so many talented people. I went through various positions from webmaster, through PR and LR to being a Section President for one and a half year. Somehow I have found myself somewhere between being a member and being retired, so I have become  a Section Almuni. If you are asking why Wiki, well the answer is that I always have answers for your question (regarding ESN, of course :), don' go aksing me about physics or so). And also if it is needed I still help young Section Webmasters ;)




Martin Vanya

My name is Martin and currently I work for big logistics company. I studied  management at University of Žilina. My ESN career started in section ESN UNIZA in October 2014. When I look back, it is definiely the best step I've ever made. After short time in this section I got an opportunity to study and live in South Korea for certain time. You know, when I came back I felt, that something is missing me. I wanted to still meet new foreigner people, talk with them and have fun. The best way how to have all the advantages and pleasures was to continue in section which belongs to University of Žilina. Unfortunately every story has the end but fortunately every end mean a new beginning. After my study in Žilina I moved to my hometown, Trnava. Since September 2016 I am proud member of ESN TRNAVA and since January 2017 until November 2018 I were on position Partnership and Fundraiser Coordinator.

“ESN is not just a group of people, ESN is a family”



Dominika Majtaniková

My name is Dominika and I studied Teaching of English Language & Literature at Trnava University. Previously at Bachelor studies, I was at Žilina University and I studied Teaching of English Language and Literature & Music Art. As an ESN Trnava Member & Buddy I became in September, 2017. I started  as a Buddy, and also as a person who helps with events and stuff around, organize some trips etc. I really love to work with people, especially youngs & children, they mean ´The Whole World´ to me. I´m also starting to have very good friends all over the world and I like it very much. ESN gives me many opportunities to get in touch with different cultures and people from all over the world, but what´s the most important to me is that I can practise and improve my English every day. When I´m with Erasmus students, they make me feel like I´m on Erasmus too, like on the same board with them and I just enjoy & love it.