these people are too old to be active memebers, but still young to retire...

Section Alumni Wiki

Natália Šípošová

My ESN career started back then in 2012, when I became a buddy just the very first day of my university life. Since then I have been a part of ESN Trnava for 5 years and do not regret a single day. It has been my lifetime experience and I am really thankful to be able to work with so many talented people. I went through various positions from webmaster, through PR and LR to being a Section President for one and a half year. Somehow I have found myself somewhere between being a member and being retired, so I have become  a Section Almuni. If you are asking why Wiki, well the answer is that I always have answers for your question (regarding ESN, of course :), don' go aksing me about physics or so). And also if it is needed I still help young Section Webmasters ;)