This semester was really difficult for our section. We have finally started to cooperate with two universities in Trnava: University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava (cooperation since 2012) and University of Trnava (cooperation since 2016). Therefore it was natural that we had to change our name, so we became Erasmus Student Network Trnava since March 2016. This way we can represent both universities equaly. 

However, with the new name came a big challenge. We needed a new logo! So we tried our best to find simple and iconic logo for the section to represent both universities and Trnava. And from many designs we chose the best one. And I'm really proud and happy that I can present you the new logo of the section ESN Trnava.

This logo represents one of the monuments in Trnava, the City Tower of Trnava. The tower is well known by all our students and it is the first place they go to during the Welcome Week's city tour. And I think we chose wisely ;)

In conclusion, I would like to thank again to the long-term partner University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava as well as our new partner University of Trnava for the help and the opportunity they give us to help local and foreign student in Trnava. And the big thanks goes to the designer of the logo, Ján Novodomský, who was patient and talented to the point to make the best logo!

By Natália Šípošová

The president of ESN Trnava