Why do we travel? To meet new people? See new place? And of course, to learn new languages. We've traveled with our Erasmus students, we've been meeting each other, socialising, discovering the beauties of this country, known as the heart of Europe. Now we decided that it was time to learn.

According to a famous saying, as many languages you know, as many times you're a human. With this in mind, we organised a Language Exchange Evening for our international friends. We met the 15th of December in a nice local restaurant. Aware of how exhausting learning can be, we wanted to be sure to have enough food and drinks around. Together with the cozy atmosphere, we had an ideal learning environment. After the dinner, just like all good students, we took out our notebooks, pens, and dug in. Altogether, there were Erasmus participants from four different countries, but as most of us are at least bilingual, we collected the total of six languages. One would think studying can only be boring and tedious, but we proved the opposite. We had good time trying to get the foreigners pronounce words in our language properly, but they wouldn't stay in our debt. Soon it was our turn to try to learn some words in Turkish, Lithuanian or Greece, some of them sounding to us as if coming from a different planet. According to their hauls of laughter at some of our attempts, we didn't do much better than they did. After a while however, we all got a hold of it and begun to memorise some useful phrases, as shown on the picture below. Thanks to those, traveling to some countries will now be way easier for all of us. To reward ourselves after all that hardwork, we decided to top the night with some mindless fun. We hit a bar for a quick international table football championship, this time able to support all participants in their own language.

Text: Eva Galková

Foto: Michaela Uhorskaiová